Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

In Skyrim you start by travelling on a wagon because you were captured by the Imperial Legion. On the wagon with you is Ulfric Stormcloak (the leader of the rebellion against the Imperials), a horse thief who was caught in the crossfire when the stormcloaks were captured (you were also caught in the crossfire, apparently), and also on the wagon is a stormcloak soldier named Ralof. The wagon you are on with these three other men is heading toward a village called Helgen.

When you arrive in Helgen you are immediately taken off the wagon and have to wait in a queue while an Imperial soldier calls out a list of names (containing the names of the three men who were on the wagon with you). When he is done calling out their names he asks who you are, this is the point when character customization comes into play. After that you move over to where the executioner is waiting for you and your now two buddies because the horse thief tried to run away and got hit with an arrow.

A man from another wagon steps up to the block to go first and then the executioner does his job. Then it is your turn, you lie down, look up at the executioner almost saying please don’t do it, then a dragon lands on the tower behind him which obviously knocks him down.

The stormcloak soldier helps you to your feet and tells you to follow him, you should do as he says or you are going to die my friend. You follow him up the stairs of a tower that he led you into, just at that moment the dragon smashes its head through the wall. You stop and wait for the dragon to go away, and then the stormcloaks soldier tells you to jump through the hole and onto a balcony further down. He tells you he is going to jump too and then doesn’t and takes some other way down. You keep going until you find an Imperial soldier; you follow him for a while until you run into your stormcloak friend again. Then you are free to choose who you want to go with (the Imperial soldier or the stormcloak soldier). I like to go with the Imperial soldier first but it is entirely up to you who you want to go with.

Once you have chosen who to go with you go through a series of tunnels until you pop out the other side near the town of Riverwood. If you chose to go with the Imperial he will tell you to go to his uncle who lives in Riverwood. If you chose to go with the stormcloak he would tell you to go to his aunt in Riverwod.

After speaking to either of the soilders family members you are free to do anything you want in the game. You may even join the stormcloak or Imperial army by going to the cities of Windhelm or Solitude. In various cities there are guilds and collages, I’ll name a few:
• The thieves guild in Riften
• The companions in Whiterun which are a fighters guild
• The collage of mages in Winterhold
• The bards collage in Solitude

So guys good luck if you get this game and I guarantee you will have fun with it, and remember I only have told you about the beginning.

Copyright Zooty 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How to set up your rod and catch a fish

First you need to set up your rod if you have not done this yet.

• You must flip the piece of wire on the reel to the other side and take the end of the line through the “eyes” on the rod all the way to the end then flip the wire back.
• You must then put a sinker on the line.
• Take from your fishing kit what is called a swivel, it looks like a metal bead beaded onto a wire with loops at the end, tie the end of your line with a sinker on it to one side of your swivel.
• Now take another piece of line and tie it to the other side of the swivel, this line should be about 90cm long.
• Get a hook from your fishing kit and tie the end of the line to the loop at the end of your hook.

Now you must get bait or a lure.

Bait for river: sand prawns, mud prawns or water prawns
Lures: lures are made from plastic, rubber or metal. They are usually brightly coloured or are shiny.
• To put bait on your hook pierce the needle through it and tie cotton around.
• To put a rubber lure on your hook just stick it through.
• To put a plastic lure on there are usually places to tie the line on and the lure already has hooks on.

How to cast

To cast you must:
• Flip the wire on the reel over while at the same time hold the line right in front of the reel with your other hand.
• Hold the rod pointing the opposite direction you want to cast. (you should still be holding the line)
• Pull the rod over your head and when it reaches a 45 degree angle let go of the line. This should fling the line out into the river/ocean.

To catch the fish

When you feel a tug on the line wait for one second then lift the rod to an 80 degree angle. Then bring the rod back to a 45 degree angle and reel your fish in!

Copyright Isaiah Schultz 2011

Monday, December 20, 2010

Border Stock Cars in East London

We arrived at the East London stock car racing track. We could hear the engines booming while we walked up the stairs. When the track was in site three or four stock cars zoomed past ( it was the V8s ). They are really fast.

The East London stock car track is an oval one in which cars go around in usually under twenty seconds.

Out of all the cars there, the one I think looked the best was a dark blue Ford Escort. Even though it lost every time I still think it looked the best.

Here is a photo of it: